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An Undervalued Region

The Wines of Languedoc - Roussillon

Languedoc - Roussillon lacks the reputation of the more prestigious wine regions in France but for me this doesn't accurately reflect the quality of the wines being produced. In this blog I'm going to introduce the area, and give you an insight into a under appreciated region.

The Languedoc region labours under a reputation of being a mass produced wine region, but times have changed and this view of the region is very outdated. It is now a region that cares for its wines, concentrating on producing quality and allowing the expression of the area to come through.

The main things that attract me to this beautiful region are the individuality of the different wineries; the freedom they express with different grape varieties; and the soul and passion they put into the wines. With slightly more relaxed rules it lends itself as a exciting prospect for young wine makers as it means being able to experiment more with techniques and grapes. However, despite this, it is the terrior that makes the Languedoc such an exciting prospect. Its firmly believing that the quality is down to the grape, which comes from the correct soil, weather, geographical amongst other factors for the vine. The Languedoc has so many different pockets of ‘terroir’ with variants of soils which can result in completely changing the characteristics of the wine, even with the same grape in a relatively small area of the land.

Many wine producers are small and want to sell their wines for what they are, an expression of the soil and the region, an expression of themselves - of their hard work and commitment, and an expression of their love. A lot of these wineries have fantastic, unique stories of how they came to be in the world of wine. For instance Domaine Treloar were located one block away from the trade towers on 9/11 and decided to revaluate their lives and follow their dreams in setting up a winery. These producers have exciting passions and talent that need to be found and appreciated more.

Look out for the producers from this area of Languedoc in the up and coming blogs.


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